State NRM Program Grants

The Western Australian Government values the work and achievements of WA's local, not-for-profit and volunteer-based NRM groups and networks.

The State NRM Program is a Western Australian Government initiative that provides funding for activities that protect and enhance WA's environment and natural resources.

More than $67 million has been committed to grants since the program's inception in 2009, supporting over 500 different projects delivered by more than 220 groups.

Visit the projects page to see what has been funded.

New State NRM Program rounds

New funding for the State NRM Program was announced in May 2014 - $24 million including three grant rounds starting 2015/16 to support community engagement and participation in natural resource management.

Eighty per cent of the funding will come from the state's Royalties for Regions program.

Two types of grants are available through the program: