State Salinity Strategy (2000)

Full title: Natural resource management in Western Australia: the Salinity Strategy / State Salinity Council

The State Salinity Strategy was developed by the State Salinity Council after its review of the 1996 Salinity Action Plan. The strategy was developed with new research that showed action was needed sooner, and across more of the State, than previously thought.

The Salinity Strategy showed how government, industry, land managers and the community could work together over the 30 years that followed to make a big difference in combating salinity. The strategy offered realistic targets and practical actions to tackle salinity including techniques and tools designed to recover some land already lost to salinity, to contain the spread of salinity, and to help communities and industry adapt to saline land in some areas.

The State Salinity Strategy is not available electronically. Copies are available for viewing at the State Library and at the library of the Department of Agriculture and Food.