Ministers & government departments

The Western Australian (WA) Government is committed to natural resource management (NRM), spending several hundred million each year on related activities through its agencies.

Seven government agencies are involved in natural resource management . Their NRM activities are coordinated by the Council of Natural Resource Agencies Chief Executives (CONRACE). The Department of Local Government, Department of Regional Development and Environment Protection Authority also have interests in NRM.

Ministers that have input into NRM and their government departments are listed below.

For information on individual ministers visit Department of Premier and Cabinet.

Minister for Agriculture and Food

Honourable Dean Nalder MLA

Minister for Fisheries

Honourable Joe Francis MLA

Minister for Environment

Honourable Albert Jacob MLA

Minister for Water; Forestry

Honourable Mia Davies MLA

Minister for Planning

Honourable John Day MLA

Minister for Regional Development; Lands

Honourable Terry Redman MLA

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

Honourable Peter Collier MLC

Minister for Local Government

Honourable Tony Simpson MLA