09016: Avon waterways restoration

    Fyke net being set up as part of the ecological assessment of Sandy Pool.  Courtesy Michael Allen, Department of Water
    Fyke net being set up as part of the ecological assessment of Sandy Pool. Courtesy Michael Allen, Department of Water

    The Avon River is a major tributary of the Swan and Canning river systems. The health of the Avon directly affects the health of the Swan and Canning rivers.

    Over the past 15 years, local community groups have carried out much restorative work on the Avon River and its tributaries. This work has resulted in:

    • increased protection and establishment of riparian zones
    • increased biodiversity
    • improved sediment management.

    With funding from the State NRM Program, the Department of Water worked with the community to maintain the momentum of this successful work. This project focused on:

    • improving water quality
    • fencing and restoring riparian vegetation to reduce rates of erosion and nutrient export
    • removing sediment from priority river pools to increase their capacity and provide additional aquatic habitat and public amenity.
    Investment: $ 460 000
    Delivery organisation: Department of Water
    Project duration: January 2010 - December 2010
    Location: Avon River and tributaries

    Major project achievements

    • Fencing (22.3 km) installed, protecting the total length of riparian zones on 13 properties in the Upper Avon/Dale area.
    • Seedlings (47 440) planted on 12 sites over five shires, restoring 39.5 ha of riparian vegetation in the Upper Avon/Dale area.
    • Sediment (7500 tonnes) removed from Neuralgin Pool in cooperation with the local Indigenous community.
    • Sediment removed from Sandy Pool, increasing the depth of the pool by up to 2.7 m.
    • Ecological assessment and sediment survey of Sandy Pool completed before and after sediment removal.
    • Ecological assessment undertaken on an untouched river pool upstream of Sandy Pool. This data will assist in identifying whether changes to ecological health that occur in Sandy Pool are related to removal of sediment.

    Project partners

    South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council; Shire of Beverley; Beverley Men's Shed; Beverley Primary School; Wickepin Progress Association; Shire of Wickepin; Talbot Brook Land Management Association; Avon landholders

    More information

    Department of Water or the department's Victoria Park Office (08) 6250 8000

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