09019: Water Quality Improvement Plans for the Hardy Inlet and Leschenault and Hill estuaries

    With the help of funding from the State NRM Program, the Department of Water has worked with landholders, community members and local catchment groups to develop water quality improvement plans (WQIPs) for priority south-west catchments.

    The plans provide for the long-term improvement and protection of water quality in the Hardy Inlet and Leschenault and Hill estuaries. As land use in the estuarys' lower catchments has intensified during the past decade, symptoms of nutrient enrichment have emerged in the inlet. Algal blooms and fish kills have occurred more regularly and community concern about the inlet's health has been growing.

    The WQIPs outline a strategic approach to managing and reducing nutrient inflows from catchments into waterways and help target investment in on-ground works.

    Plans were developed for the Hardy Inlet and Leschenault Estuary and research was conducted in the Hill River catchment to assist in the development of its improvement plan.

    Investment: $ 500 000
    Delivery organisation: Department of Water
    Project duration: January 2010 - December 2011
    Location: Hardy Inlet, Leschenault Estuary and the estuary of the Hill River and associated catchments

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