09025: Local community bushland protection plans for Perth

    Local biodiversity strategy workshop. Courtesy Danielle Matthews, Department of Planning
    Local biodiversity strategy workshop. Courtesy Danielle Matthews, Department of Planning

    This project helps local governments to identify and protect significant local bushland areas.

    With funding from the State NRM Program, the Department of Planning is helping local governments to integrate biodiversity conservation objectives into their land-use planning. A regional framework for conservation in the Perth Metropolitan Region is also being established.

    These activities-also part of the Perth Biodiversity Project-outline retention targets to help protect and retain biodiversity.

    The protection and retention targets will be incorporated into local planning strategies, schemes and policies by each local government.

    Data and resources required to extend the regional framework north of Perth also will be identified.

    Investment: $ 495 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 184 685
    Other contribution: $ 50 885
    Delivery organisation: Department of Planning
    Project duration: October 2009 - June 2012
    Location: Perth region

    Major project achievements

    • Spatial plans identifying priority areas for biodiversity conservation prepared for the City of Greater Geraldton, Shire of Chapman Valley, Shire of Chittering and City of Mandurah.
    • Draft guidelines establishing targets and implementation actions for local biodiversity conservation developed for these four local government areas.
    • Regional framework for local biodiversity conservation developed for the Perth and Peel regions.
    • Data and resource requirements to effectively implement local biodiversity planning process north of Perth were identified.
    • Training sessions delivered to local governments, agencies and public on the functions of the on-line Regional Framework and Environmental Planning Tool.
    • Practice notes of acceptable subdivision and structure plan development created to provide for better consideration of biodiversity in land use planning.
    • Local Governments assisted with integrating local biodiversity conservation objectives into land use planning.

    Project partners

    WA Local Government Association; Department of Environment and Conservation; Office of the Environmental Protection Authority; South West Catchment Council; Department of Agriculture and Food; City of Greater Geraldton; Shire of Chapman Valley; Local Governments in Perth and Peel; community representatives

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