09029: Emergency recovery actions for highest priority threatened flora

    Silky Eremophila. Courtesy Department of Environment and Conservation
    Silky Eremophila. Courtesy Department of Environment and Conservation

    Of the 400 threatened species of flora in WA, 143 species are listed as critically endangered and 120 as endangered. These species are considered to be facing a high-to-extreme risk of extinction in the wild within the next decade.

    Many belong to iconic groups including the banksias, wattles, eucalypts, orchids and trigger plants, and all are endemic to WA.

    This project is targeted at reducing the probability of extinction of 62 species currently ranked as critically endangered and endangered. It will minimise further loss of individuals and provide conditions that will favour recruitment and increased population size for each species by:

    • developing fire management protocols
    • controlling weeds
    • protecting plants from grazing
    • controlling canker pathogens.

    Seeds of 21 of the 62 species will be collected and banked to allow time to address immediate threats before these species are reintroduced using the banked seed material.

    Investment: $ 940 000
    Delivery organisation: Department of Environment and Conservation
    Project duration: November 2009 - July 2013
    Location: Southern part of WA—Carnarvon to Esperance and inland to Kalgoorlie

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