09044: Managing natural reserves in the Shire of Collie

    Much of the natural vegetation within the Shire of Collie is not well understood, leaving it open to threats such as weeds and dieback, and making it difficult to manage.

    With funding through the State NRM Program, the shire collected baseline information on the condition of 420 ha of vegetated reserves within its jurisdiction. Weed and dieback management plans and treatment programs were developed to assist in protecting the most valuable reserves.

    Investigations revealed the extent of dieback infestation within reserves was much greater than expected, with only 5 per cent of the area in three small parcels being clear. This contrasts with other councils, such as the City of Armadale, where up to two-thirds of their reserves are free of dieback.

    Investment: $ 50 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 16 700
    Other contribution: $ 1 450
    Delivery organisation: Shire of Collie
    Project duration: July 2010 - June 2011
    Location: Shire of Collie

    Major project achievements

    • Bushland condition mapped.
    • Weeds mapped and policy to identify priorities for control developed and implemented.
    • Extent of dieback infestation determined.
    • Shire's Weed and Waterways Advisory Committee provided with information about weed control and dieback in bushland.

    Project partners

    Shire of Collie council and Weeds and Waterways Advisory Committee; Indigenous students from South West Institute of Technology; Consultants (Ecoscape and NPC Consulting); Department of Environment and Conservation

    More information

    Shire of Collie (08) 9734 9000 or

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