09046: Control of mammalian pest species to protect and enhance threatened red-tailed phascogale and allow reestablishment of other threatened fauna at Wadderin Sanctuary

    Brush-tailed possum in Wadderin Sanctuary. Courtesy Narembeen Shire, photo Andrew Hide
    Brush-tailed possum in Wadderin Sanctuary. Courtesy Narembeen Shire, photo Andrew Hide

    Wadderin Sanctuary in the central wheatbelt is home to reintroduced populations of red-tailed phascogale and other threatened fauna.

    The Narembeen community fenced the 430 ha sanctuary to exclude foxes and feral cats in 2008. With funding from the State NRM Program, the Shire of Narembeen is upgrading the barrier fence and controlling overgrazing impacts of rabbits and kangaroos to prepare the sanctuary for the reintroduction of other threatened species such as woylie, brush-tailed possum, quenda, and tammar wallaby.

    Investment: $ 114 008
    In-kind contribution: $ 23 100
    Other contribution: $ 40 152
    Delivery organisation: Wadderin Committee, Shire of Narembeen
    Project duration: April 2010 - September 2011
    Location: Wadderin Sanctuary, Narembeen

    Major project achievements

    • Overhang of barrier fence upgraded and weekly inspections conducted to ensure its integrity.
    • Foxes baited monthly within the fenced area as insurance against incursions. No fox incursions were detected over the 18 month period of the project.
    • Feral cats eradicated within the fenced area by intensive trapping and baiting. Three feral cats were removed by trapping over the 18-month period (all were male).
    • Intensive rabbit control within the 430 hectare area with 1080 baits and fumigation of warrens.
    • Western grey kangaroo population controlled (reduced to 10% of previous numbers) with a noticeable improvement in plant cover in the Sanctuary in 2011 compared to 2010
    • Thirty five woylies reintroduced successfully in mid-2010, with monitoring over subsequent 18 months showing strong growth in the population (56 new individuals added to the population).
    • Thirty one southern brown bandicoots reintroduced in mid-201 0 (eight new individuals have been added to the population).
    • Five brushtail possum reintroduced (13 new individuals detected over 22-months).
    • Six western brush wallaby reintroduced in May, July, and September 2011 appear to have successfully established.

    Project partners

    Narembeen community; Wildlife Research and Management; Narembeen District High School; Department of Environment and Conservation; Yongergnow Australian Malleefowl Centre Ongerup; Curtin University; Carers groups (Perth Hills, Malaga, Collie, Donnybrook, Geraldton)

    More information

    Shire of Narembeen (08) 9064 7308

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