09065: Fighting bridal creeper in the Upper Blackwood

    Volunteers at a bridal creeper control site. Courtesy Katanning Land Conservation District Committee
    Volunteers at a bridal creeper control site. Courtesy Katanning Land Conservation District Committee

    Bridal creeper is a weed of national significance and is considered one of southern Australia's worst environmental weeds. It is one of the few weeds that can invade intact native vegetation and is also considered a 'transformer' weed, due to its ability to change ecosystem processes.

    Bridal creeper has an historical presence in the Upper Blackwood. There are small infestations of the weed scattered along roadsides, in bush reserves, on farms and in other isolated areas such as around old homesteads. Favourable conditions have seen an unprecedented spread of the creeper recently, prompting concern among local communities.

    With the help of funding from the State NRM Program, Katanning Land Conservation District Committee (LCDC) raised community awareness of the effects of bridal creeper on native biodiversity.

    They also trained local professionals and volunteers in management of the infestations and developed a database for managing sites and controlling records to enhance continued control and monitoring of the weed.

    Investment: $ 84 600
    In-kind contribution: $ 10 800
    Delivery organisation: Katanning LCDC
    Project duration: May 2010 - September 2011
    Location: Shires of Katanning, Dumbleyung, Wagin, Woodanilling and West Arthur

    Major project achievements

    • Establishment of a GIS mapping system for recording locations of bridal creeper, control methods undertaken, photo points and results across the shires of Katanning, West Arthur, Woodanilling, Wagin and Dumbleyung.
    • Hosting of community workshops to train and equip community volunteers to spread rust fungus and submit information to the database on rust release activities.
    • Dedicated contract spray program for roadsides in each of the shires.
    • Awareness-raising activities about the threat of bridal creeper, including: effective control techniques; encouraging reporting of infestations or outbreaks; encouraging private landholders to spray isolated populations of bridal creeper.

    Project partners

    Wagin Woodanilling Landcare Zone; Dumbleyung Landcare Zone; Katanning LCDC; West Arthur Landcare; Shires of Dumbleyung, Katanning, Wagin, West Arthur and Woodanilling; community volunteers; Kojonup Wildflower Group; South West Catchments Council; Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia

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