09071: Weed eradication on Faure Island wildlife sanctuary in world heritage-listed Shark Bay

    Faure Island, in Shark Bay, was purchased in 1999 by the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

    Since then, the conservancy has successfully transformed the 5300-ha island, removing feral cats and goats, and translocating five threatened fauna species. The island is also home to invertebrates, reptiles and birds. Notably, the island has a rich array of migratory shorebirds, with 15 species protected by international, trans-equatorial migratory bird agreements.

    Due to its long history of pastoralism, the island has several weed species, including lupins and boxthorn. Infestations of these two particular weeds were small, but at risk of expanding. With the help of funding from the State NRM Program, this project eradicated populations of lupins and boxthorn from Faure Island.

    The island is world heritage-listed.

    Investment: $ 19 500
    In-kind contribution: $ 23 520
    Other contribution: $ 388
    Delivery organisation: Australian Wildlife Conservancy
    Project duration: June 2010 - July 2011
    Location: Faure Island, Shark Bay

    Major project achievements

    • Lupin and boxthorn successfully eradicated.

    More information

    Australian Wildlife Conservancy (08) 9380 9633 or

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