09072: Securing the future of the Karakamia woylies

    Karakamia is a haven for threatened wildlife, particularly the critically endangered woylie, whose numbers have plummeted throughout southern Australia.

    The population at Karakamia is the only one in the south-west not currently in decline. A 2.4 m high electric fence has excluded feral predators such as foxes and cats from Karakamia since 1994, allowing native animals to thrive inside.

    With the help of funding from the State NRM Program, the base of the electric fence was fortified in 2010 to reduce potential for burrowing, significantly enhancing its ability to withstand fox and cat incursions.

    Extensive earthworks were also carried out both inside and outside the fence to reduce ongoing maintenance requirements and promote easier monitoring of the condition of the fence.

    Investment: $ 50 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 2 266
    Other contribution: $ 47 266
    Delivery organisation: Australian Wildlife Conservancy
    Project duration: June 2010 - December 2010
    Location: Karakamia Wildlife Sanctuary, near Chidlow

    Major project achievements

    • Improved protection of the critically endangered woylie population
    • Improved protection of other native wildlife populations, such as quenda, tammar wallaby, brush-tailed possum, and ringtail possum
    • Reduced ongoing maintenance of the fence
    • Increased ability to monitor fence condition
    • Reduced fire risk

    Project partners

    JBS Fencing and Machinery; McCole Earthworks; Capital Recycling; neighbouring landholders; Perth Zoo

    More information

    Australian Wildlife Conservancy (08) 9380 9633 or

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