09078: Moresby Range Plan implementation phase 1 and engagement

    Moresby Range. Courtesy Shire of Chapman Valley
    Moresby Range. Courtesy Shire of Chapman Valley

    The Shire of Chapman Valley in partnership with the City of Geraldton-Greenough, state agencies, and landowner and community representatives has been leading the development of a Moresby Range Management Plan.

    The draft plan (2010) recommends the establishment of a unique park that would become a resource and asset valued by local, regional, state and international communities.

    Current tenure of the land is a mix of Department of Environment and Conservation reserve and private land that is largely grazed and cropped. The area contains some vegetation systems that are relatively intact, along with known locations of declared rare and priority flora.

    This project is part of the establishment phase identified in the plan. It focuses initially on protecting and enhancing the range through on-ground activities while continuing to detail the planning frameworks necessary to establish a park.

    On-ground activities include:

    • preparation of a surface water management plan
    • construction of 5 km of grade banks
    • fencing to protect: 60 ha of remnant vegetation; 20 ha of vulnerable plant populations; 2 ha of strategic revegetation
    • Feral rabbit, pig and fox control.
    Investment: $ 145 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 195 522
    Other contribution: $ 1 000
    Delivery organisation: Shire of Chapman Valley
    Project duration: June 2010 - September 2011
    Location: Southern portion Moresby Range

    Major project achievements

    • 20 km fencing installed to protect 192 ha of native vegetation.
    • Four property plans, 8.2 km of surface water management structures and three peak flow attenuation traps installed.
    • 3000 seedlings planted over 2 ha.
    • 130 feral pigs killed, more than 300 kg of Pindone oat baits consumed by rabbits and 380 ha of fox baiting conducted. The total area of feral animal control was 3820 ha.
    • Moresby Range NRM Operational Committee established to oversee on-ground works.
    • Recommendations of the Moresby Range Management Plan integrated into the Greater Geraldton Regional Plan.
    • Additional funding was sourced from state agencies, Northern Agricultural Catchments Council, and private landholders to improve the level of perennial cover, increase corridor linkages with the project area and stabilise watercourses.

    Project partners

    Landcorp; Northern Agricultural Catchments Council; City of Greater Geraldton; Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia; Department of Environment and Conservation; landholders; developers

    More information

    Shire of Chapman Valley (08) 9920 5011 or

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