10008: Garvey Park foreshore stabilisation – section 4

    Log brush mattressing and wetland planting in progress. Courtesy City of Belmont
    Log brush mattressing and wetland planting in progress. Courtesy City of Belmont

    Garvey Park is a major riverside reserve that contains significant areas of remnant foreshore vegetation and extensive areas that have been revegetated.

    The foreshore area is listed as a priority one site for riverbank and shoreline works and priority two for vegetation replenishment in the Swan and Canning Rivers Foreshore Assessment and Management Strategy (Swan River Trust 2008).

    With the help of State NRM Program funding, this project will address erosion issues currently affecting the Garvey Park foreshore, in a location extending 190 linear metres upstream from the Coolgardie Living Stream towards the Ascot Kayak Club. This area consists of a timber retaining wall, foreshore path and grassed area, with some scattered remnant trees.

    Earthworks will involve:

    • removal of the timber retaining wall
    • reprofiling of the lower foreshore
    • excavation and treatment of acid sulfate soils
    • reinstatement of clean topsoil
    • installation of crushed limestone access points.

    Environmental works will include:

    • initial weed control
    • foreshore stabilisation
      • log brush mattressing
      • installation of erosion control fabric, rock riprap or rock wall
      • placement of rocks and large woody debris
      • shoreline planting
      • establishment of fringing dry-land vegetation.
    Investment: $ 32 786
    Other contribution: $ 249 638
    Delivery organisation: City of Belmont
    Project duration: September 2011 - June 2012
    Location: Garvey Park, Fauntleroy Ave, Ascot

    Major project achievements

    • 190 linear metres of foreshore stabilised through bank reprofiling, log brush mattressing, installation of erosion control fabric, rock rip-rap and placement of rocks and large woody debris.
    • Acid Sulfate Soils removed, treated and reinstated with clean topsoil.
    • Crushed limestone installed to allow pedestrian access from the dual use path to two foreshore access points including benches.
    • Remnant trees protected from erosion through placement of limestone rocks.
    • Shoreline and dryland vegetation established over 2300 square meters.
    • 50 linear metres of palisades established at Coolgardie Living Stream using coir logs and limestone rocks.

    Lessons Learnt

    • Salinity is likely to effect and limit growth of the revegetation.

    • Future projects need to be thoroughly assessed for possible calamities prior to commencement.

    Project partners

    City of Belmont; Swan River Trust; Two Rivers Catchment Group; Syrinx Environmental; Psyco Sand; Green Welfare Force; Community Volunteers.

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