10018: Protecting on-farm remnant vegetation to enhance wildlife habitat in the West Midlands region, WA

    Black kangaroo paw. Courtesy West Midlands Group
    Black kangaroo paw. Courtesy West Midlands Group

    The West Midlands region has exceptional species richness, containing 113 species of priority flora and 41 species of declared rare flora. Since settlement, 53 per cent of this vegetation has been cleared to make way for agriculture, mining and other development.

    By protecting remnant vegetation on privately owned land-and linking these areas with the wider state and national park and reserve system-a series of small-to-medium-sized wildlife stepping stones will be secured.

    With the help of State NRM Program funding, this project will see the West Midlands Group work with landholders to protect high-value remnant vegetation on privately owned land. Fifteen kilometres of fencing will be erected, protecting approximately 100 ha of native vegetation.

    Landholders will also work with the West Midlands Group and botanical experts to develop long-term site management plans for the protection of their remnant native vegetation.

    Investment: $ 44 552
    Other contribution: $ 36 930
    Delivery organisation: West Midlands Group
    Project duration: November 2011 - December 2012
    Location: Privately owned remnant vegetation, in the West Midlands region, 200 km north of Perth

    Major project achievements

    • Five site-management plans were created to accompany landholder agreements detailing vegetation surveys.

    • 124ha of land was protected through landholder agreement and voluntarily ensuring protection of those remnants.

    • Base photographic data was completed to monitor vegetation conditions in the future.

    • Extension of current floristic facts was given out via written articles.

    Lessons Learnt

    • Communication and education between landholders and the community ensure higher regard and cooperation to conserve and complete projects efficiently.

    Project partners

    West Midlands Group; West Midland Group Farmers; Jennifer Borger (Botanical Consultant); Land for Wildlife.

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