10028: Eighty Mile Beach Ramsar-site fencing project

    Eighty Mile Beach. Courtesy Barbara Morrell, State NRM Office
    Eighty Mile Beach. Courtesy Barbara Morrell, State NRM Office

    This project involves 64 km of new fencing to exclude cattle from the coastal habitats of 80 Mile Beach, an important Ramsar-listed site in the north of WA.

    Cattle have grazed these habitats for many years, degrading the dune vegetation. This project will help fence off of the coastal boundary of the Ramsar site protecting about 170 000 ha. Keeping cattle off the site will reduce of impacts of grazing pressure on vegetation and the effects of trampling.

    The Department of Environment and Conservation is the lead agency for this project, which is being delivered by Greening Australia. The Nyangumarta and Karrajarri people are also involved, and BHP Billiton Iron Ore sponsors much of the other conservation work carried out along the beach.

    Investment: $ 50 000
    Other contribution: $ 218 310
    Delivery organisation: Greening Australia (WA)
    Project duration: November 2011 - September 2012
    Location: North-western boundary of Wallal Downs, 80 Mile Beach Marine Park

    Major project achievements

    • Collaboration of organisations to successfully achieve objectives.

    • 60km of coastal dune habitat fenced off from grazing on Wallal Downs and Anna Plains.

    • Involved Nyanumarta (Indigenous) people were employed for 20 weeks on the fencing project.

    Lessons Learnt

    • Education and training of the Nyanumarta people will enable future success and monitoring of the sites.
    • The project finished later than anticipated, this was due to ongoing training and no prior education.


    Project partners

    Department of Environment and Conservation; BHP BIO; Geographical Association of Western Australia.

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