10036: Protection and preservation of Marshall Rock Reserve

    Marshall Rock Reserve, Bencubbin. Courtesy Shire of Mt Marshall
    Marshall Rock Reserve, Bencubbin. Courtesy Shire of Mt Marshall

    Marshall Rock Reserve is an important public asset within the Shire of Mt Marshall. The 135.7 ha reserve has significant biodiversity. People visit the reserve to bushwalk, camp, picnic, ride bikes and motorbikes and to see wildflowers and native vegetation specific to the region.

    Tracks, camping and picnicking areas within the reserve are not well managed and have increased in number, causing soil and water degradation and threatening local biodiversity.

    With the help of State NRM Program funding, the aim of this project is to protect and preserve Marshall Rock Reserve by decreasing and improving the movement of people and vehicles within the reserve.

    Tracks, camping and picnic areas will be marked out and signposted. Excess tracks and degraded areas will be revegetated with native species to improve the condition of the York gum woodlands.

    To improve visitor knowledge, an information bay will be erected in the picnic area. The information bay will include two existing signs that provide information on the reserve's local fauna, native vegetation, history and local attractions, as well as an aerial photo and district map.

    Investment: $ 7 786
    In-kind contribution: $ 2 500
    Delivery organisation: Shire of Mt Marshall
    Project duration: July 2011 - September 2012
    Location: Marshall Rock Reserve, Bencubbin

    Major project achievements

    • Tracks, picnic and camping areas have been marked out and sign posted, which has greatly improved people and traffic movement through the reserve, keeping people off degraded areas.
    • The Information Bay with tank has been erected in the reserve. Signs in the information bay have provided easier access to natural resource information on the reserve.
    • Weeds and feral pests have been controlled.
    • Degraded areas have been revegetated.
    • Designated vehicle tracks and surface water control culverts have been graded and cleaned up.

    Project partners

    Lake McDermott Catchment Group

    More information

    Shire of Mt Marshall (08) 9685 1202 or

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