10045: Drain restoration, revegetation and weed control along a section of Unndiup Creek, Torbay

    Unndiup Creek, also known as Torbay Main Drain, is the major waterway in the Torbay Inlet sub-catchment, which covers 115 sq km. The waterway is a highly modified drainage system that usually has significant flow in winter months.

    The size of the drain and the power of water flows transports eroded nutrient-rich particles downstream to the inlet. Here, the nutrients accumulate in sediment, where they cause seasonal algae blooms, including blooms of toxic blue-green algae. In addition to erosion and nutrient transport problems, the invasion of several weed species presents a threat to biodiversity.

    With the help of State NRM Program funding, 20 ha of drain reserve is being rehabilitated as part of this project through:

    • extensive weed control
    • stabilisation of eroded banks
    • revegetation using local native species.

    The main invasive weed species being controlled are taylorina, watsonia, blackberry and Sydney golden wattle.

    Investment: $ 22 969
    Delivery organisation: Torbay Catchment Group
    Project duration: July 2011 - December 2012
    Location: Unndiup Creek, Torbay catchment between Lower Denmark and Meanwood roads, 25 km west of Albany
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