11021: Weed control at Lightning Swamp

    Lightning Swamp Bushland is a 71 ha A-class reserve located 12 km north-east of Perth in the suburb of Noranda. More than 150 flora species have been identified at the site including two priority flora (Macarthuria apetala and Jacksonia sericea) and a declared rare flora (Caladenia huegelii).

    In an effort to protect the area, a natural buffer was created along its eastern perimeter to slow the incursion of weeds and grasses from adjacent parkland. Black flag (Ferraria crispa) has been found in the buffer and the invasive weed is creeping into the reserve.

    This project will remove black flag from the reserve and its buffer, revegetate areas impacted by the weed and improve fencing to protect these areas.

    Investment: $ 10 140
    Delivery organisation: Friends of Lightning Swamp Bushland
    Project duration: March 2012 - June 2014
    Location: Lightning Swamp, Noranda (Shire of Bayswater)
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