12026: Feral pig control in south west WA

    The impact of feral pigs through predation, habitat destruction, competition for food and possible disease transmission was recognised and listed in July 2001 as a key threatening process under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, 1999.

    In WA, strategic planning for nature conservation and water quality have identified the importance of removing or controlling feral pigs and their impact on vulnerable and endangered flora, fauna and ecological communities and water catchments.

    This project aims to build on the success of community feral pig control programs in the Lake Muir to Denbarker, Nannup, Wandering and Northcliffe areas.

    Key activities include:

    • determining feral pig population size and density using remote sensing and surveillance data
    • developing a strategy for feral pig management in the south-west including costings and case studies
    • training community members in the correct procedures for baiting and trapping
    • funding and coordinating trapping and baiting in priority areas

    It is envisaged that the program will see a significant number of animals destroyed across the south-west and build-up local skills for the continued ethical control of feral pigs.

    Investment: $ 900 000
    Delivery organisation: South West Catchments Council
    Project duration: November 2012 - June 2015
    Location: South west region
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