12028: Pilot to test carbon solutions to salinity

    This project aims to assess the threats and opportunities associated with carbon farming on salt affected land.

    A network of six study sites throughout the Northern Agricultural region will be established to examine the growth and carbon sequestration rates of different species and their ability to tolerate salinity in the medium term. Sites that have been established for at least 10 years and that have multiple native species will be selected.

    Sampling and analysis will be undertaken by the Department of Agriculture and Food, with assistance from Northern Agricultural Catchment Council (NACC) field staff to ensure transfer of knowledge.

    Results will be provided to farmers through field days and NACC carbon farming project activities.

    Investment: $ 330 000
    Delivery organisation: Northern Agricultural Catchments Council
    Project duration: December 2012 - December 2014
    Location: Agricultural land throughout the Northern Agricultural Region

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