12036: Biodiveristy Links – mid-west and southern rangelands

    Development of a major ecological link between Lesueur National Park and the Shark Bay World Heritage Area has been proposed. The corridor would provide opportunities for animal migration and assist in long term protection of endemic species.

    This project will:

    • define the pathway and scope of the proposed corridor
    • assess the feasibility of the overall project
    • provide a plan for strategic investment within the corridor.

    Development of the plan will include:

    • mapping of reserves and remnant vegetation and assessing opportunities to, and feasibility of, revegetation to increase connectivity and permeability
    • assessing endemic species, particularly those considered 'vulnerable', and their habitat requirements against an overlay of likely climatic scenarios
    • Assessment of risk to endemic species under the climatic scenarios and of investment in the proposed corridor
    • recommendations on the most effective route, timeframe, prioritisation, investment, and landholder buy-in
    • monitoring and evaluation methodology
    • long-term 'ownership' and management to ensure a lasting legacy.

    The principle outputs from this project will be a comprehensive plan for development of the ecological corridoor and an investment prospectus to attract and guide investment.

    Investment: $ 300 000
    Delivery organisation: Northern Agricultural Catchments Council
    Project duration: October 2012 - June 2014
    Location: Northern Agricultural Region – Southern Rangelands
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