12059: Removal/realignment of cycle trails from reservoir protection area and access trails to disease risk area

    Map of project area. Courtesy West Australian Mountain Bike Association.
    Map of project area. Courtesy West Australian Mountain Bike Association.

    Scorpion Hill and Farrel Grove mountain bike trails in the Perth hills suburb of Kalamunda are well known to local riders and becoming increasing popular.

    Both are well constructed but only easily accessible through sections that lie in a Dieback Risk Area (DRA), east of Mundaring Weir Road. Eastern parts of the trails also lie in the Reservoir Protection Zone (RPZ) for Mundaring Weir.

    This project will remove and realign the trails away from the DRA and RPZ and revegetate sections removed. An eroded creek line intersected by the Scorpion Trail will also be repaired and the track redirected.

    The West Australian Mountain Bike Association works closely with the Department of Environment and Conservation to manage the spread of dieback on the Kalamunda Circuit. They use of internationally recognised sustainable trail design and construction methods that include dieback grids.

    Environmental assessment of the area will be conducted prior to construction to ensure rare flora and fauna will not be negatively impacted.

    Investment: $ 44 200
    Delivery organisation: West Australian Mountain Bike Association
    Project duration: December 2012 - December 2013
    Location: Gungin Gully, between The Dell and Farrell Grove parking areas on the North side of Mundaring Weir Road, Kalamunda

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