12111: Sydney wattle eradication pilot on Torndirrup Peninsula

    Map of the Torndirrup Wattle project area.
    Map of the Torndirrup Wattle project area.

    Sydney Golden Wattle presents one of the greatest weed challenges to the Albany region. Left untreated its range expands by 15 per cent annually.

    This project will engage landholders on the Torndirrup Peninsula to treat Sydney Golden Wattle on their properties.

    The area treated will link with similar work being undertaken by the Albany Racing Club.

    Workshops will also be held to educate the community about wattle control.

    Investment: $ 50 000
    Delivery organisation: Green Skills Inc
    Project duration: December 2012 - December 2013
    Location: Torndirrup Peninsula linking up toward the Albany Racing Club

    Project partners

    City of Albany; Department of Parks and Wildlife; landholders

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