12129: Mount Barker urban wetland restoration

    Storm water from the Mount Barker town-site discharges into Pwakkenback Creek, a tributary of the Hay River which flows into the Wilson Inlet, an internationally recognised wetland for migratory birds.

    The degraded state of Pwakkenback Creek, which functions more like a drain than a waterway in parts, is a direct threat to migratory birds, fish and other wildlife in Wilson Inlet.

    This project will construct a series of wetland basins in the Mount Barker town-site to reduce sediment and nutrient discharges into Pwakkenback Creek. Wetlands and surrounding areas will be revegetated with local native flora, improving biodiversity and connectivity with other remnant vegetation in the area.

    Open water and sedge beds of the wetlands will provide habitat for fish, birds and other animals while providing high aesthetic value for visitors. Interpretive signage will assist in raising public awareness of the value of wetlands and native vegetation and the need to protect the environment from littering and pollution.

    Investment: $ 40 000
    Delivery organisation: Shire of Plantagenet
    Project duration: June 2013 - May 2014
    Location: Mount Barker
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