13004: Reconnecting fragmented Malleefowl habitat near Maya

    Extensive clearing of mallee vegetation in the Western Australian wheatbelt has resulted in the loss and fragmentation of Malleefowl habitat and local extinction of some populations.

    Clearing has also increased pressures such as predation by foxes and grazing competition from rabbits.

    This project aims to reduce pressures on Malleefowl and their habitat. It will create wildlife corridors between bushland remnants on farmland north of the Maya town site, 96km north-east of Moora, and control foxes and rabbits.

    This project will:

    • revegetate 15ha to create corridors that link fragmented Malleefowl habitat
    • construct 2km of fencing to protect newly constructed corridors
    • bait rabbits around the farm's Malleefowl habitat
    • bait foxes in and near Malleefowl habitat
    • coordinate a planting day, bush habitat walk, and a Malleefowl information event to increase community awareness and involvement in Malleefowl conservation
    • register the property as a Land for Wildlife site with the Department of Parks and Wildlife.
    Investment: $ 36 325
    Delivery organisation: Moore Catchment Council
    Project duration: January 2014 - March 2015
    Location: Florina Farm, 6km north of Maya in the Perenjori Shire

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