13005: Implementation of the Chapman Valley Invasive Species Plan in the western third of the valley

    African boxthorn is one of the most invasive woody weeds in coastal areas. It is an aggressive invader of pastures, roadsides, reserves, remnant bushland and waterways, and forms impenetrable, spiny thickets that inhibit the movement of stock and provide havens for feral animals.

    This and other priority weeds identified in the Chapman Valley Invasive Species Plan will be removed from the western portion of the Shire of Chapman Valley - along Dolby Creek (Moresby Ranges to the coast) and the Shires coastal strip.

    Areas where large amounts of weed have been removed will be revegetated to help prevent reinfestation and to stabilise dunes and watercourses, and create wildlife corridors.

    Baiting stations will be installed where feral pigs and rabbits are a problem.

    Investment: $ 47 000
    Delivery organisation: Shire of Chapman Valley
    Project duration: February 2014 - December 2014
    Location: Shire of Chapman Valley, along Dolby Creek (Moresby Range to the coast) and the shires coastal strip

    Project partners

    Geraldton Port Authority; Landcorp; Durack TAFE; Iluka Volunteer Program

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