13006: Protecting waterways and remnant vegetation in the Chapman River catchment

    Areas of works are highlighted in red
    Areas of works are highlighted in red

    The Chapman River is a regionally significant waterway. Predominantly surrounded by broad acre agriculture, its catchment is significantly cleared of native vegetation. This clearing together with past land management practices has led to degradation of the catchment environment, resulting in:

    • wind and water erosion
    • declining water quality and quantity
    • loss of biodiversity
    • soil acidification, salinity and structure decline
    • colonisation by invasive flora and fauna.

    This project aims to improve the overall health of the Chapman River by improving land management practices in its catchment.

    Activities include:

    • installing 8km fencing to protect 80ha of revegetation, remnant vegetation, hilltops, and waterways
    • revegetating 20ha of cleared and degraded land along waterways
    • revegetating Jooldarnoo Farm with bush foods.

    The project will also work with Local Aboriginal Elders to document ecological knowledge and language about local flora and fauna.

    Investment: $ 50 000
    Delivery organisation: Shire of Chapman Valley
    Project duration: March 2014 - October 2014
    Location: Shire of Chapman Valley

    Project partners

    Naaguja Warangkarri Organisation; Department of Agriculture and Food; Landholders

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