13007: Revegetating the Moresby Ranges stage 4

    The Moresby Range provides an iconic landscape backdrop for the City of Geraldton and is proposed as a future Regional Park.

    Historically, the Range has been utilised for broad acre agriculture and much of its vegetation has been cleared. This coupled with past land management practices, has led to a number of environmental issues including:

    • exacerbated vulnerability to water and wind erosion
    • declining water quality
    • loss of biodiversity and habitat
    • loss of productive agricultural land.

    The 'Moresby Ranges Operational Plan' highlights opportunities to link and enhance existing vegetation to reflect pre-European vegetation complexes.

    This project aims to support the plan by:

    • fencing hilltops and creek lines to prevent stock access
    • controlling weeds along steep slopes, hilltops and creek lines
    • revegetating weeded and fenced areas
    • spraying smoke water over these areas to stimulate natural regeneration processes.
    Investment: $ 50 000
    Delivery organisation: Shire of Chapman Valley
    Project duration: February 2014 - September 2014
    Location: Shire of Chapman Valley and City of Greater Geraldton

    Project partners

    Chapman Valley LCDC; Landholders; Geraldton Senior College, Venturers, other school groups

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