13012: Protecting Bats in Melville by providing habitat and education

    The absence of mature native trees with hollows in urban areas is presenting serious challenges for native bats.

    This project will install 30 bat boxes throughout the City of Melville to provide new habitats for an estimated 1350 local bats.

    Boxes will be placed in six clusters, all within flying distance of existing bat populations, allowing bats to re-colonise local parks and reserves.

    Species targeted by this activity are:

    • White-striped freetail bat
    • Gould's Wattled bat
    • Lesser long-ear bat
    • Southern freetail bat
    • Western long-eared bat
    • Gould's long-eared bat
    • Chocolate wattled bat
    • Southern forest bat.

    Year five to seven students at Ardross Primary School will be taught about the native bats and their habitats and will be involved in installing and monitoring the boxes.

    Investment: $ 9 000
    Delivery organisation: Ardross Primary School Parents & Citizens Assoc. Inc.
    Project duration: April 2014 - December 2014
    Location: City of Melville sites: Ardross Primary School grounds, Al Richardson Reserve, Wireless Hill, Piney Lakes
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