13019: Ranford Bushland environmental study and rehabilitation

    Ranford Bushland is part of Bush Forever Site 388. It contains 35 hectares of remnant vegetation and links to other bushland areas in the Roe Highway corridor.

    The site has dampland areas vegetated with low shrubland, and dunes that support mixed Banksia and Eucalyptus woodland. The bushland is an important feeding site for local Carnaby's Black Cockatoo.

    A detailed environmental assessment of the bushland including flora and fauna surveys will be conducted as part of this project. This will provide baseline information for decision making and enable the City of Canning to prioritise actions for managing the bushland.

    The project will also:

    • control priority weeds
    • collect and propagate local provenance seed
    • revegetate a drainage sump and cleared areas
    • conduct maintenance activities such as litter collection and feral animal control
    Investment: $ 28 000
    Delivery organisation: City of Canning
    Project duration: July 2014 - December 2015
    Location: Ranford Bushland, off Ranford Road, City of Canning
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