13027: Extension of revegetation to the north-west section of Lake Claremont to restore indigenous woodland

    Lake Claremont is a Conservation Category Wetland and Bush Forever Site. It is one of the few wetland areas in Perth's western suburbs and provides an important refuge for local wildlife and a corridor for their movement between Kings Park and the coast.

    Friends of Lake Claremont have been revegetating the area with the aid of three previous State NRM Program grants and three Caring for Our Country grants. Previous plantings have seen the return of many bird species, some breeding at the Lake.

    This project will re-vegetate almost two hectares to the north of the Lake - extending from Alfred Road to the Lake Buffer. This area was previously the fairway of a golf course.

    Seedlings propagated from locally collected seeds will be used.

    Local schools and the community will participate in planting days.

    Investment: $ 28 000
    Delivery organisation: Friends of Lake Claremont Limited
    Project duration: June 2014 - June 2015
    Location: Lake Claremont and surrounds is in the Town of Claremont

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