13036: The Waabiny Project

    'Waabiny' is the Noongar word for play time.

    This project aims to restore a 70 year-old Waabiny site at Helena College Junior School.

    The site allows children to connect with nature and have adventures. It provides opportunity to marvel at wildflowers, play in bush settings, and run over rocky terrain.

    Project activities include:

    • controlling and removing weeds
    • rehabilitating and rejuvenating the natural vegetation
    • installing interpretative signage, pathways and wildlife nest boxes
    • equipping students with Aboriginal understandings of the environment.

    Once rehabilitated, the site will provide numerous environmental research opportunities for students. The school will also invest in a program of visits from Indigenous elders, sharing Noongar language and knowledge in a bush classroom on the Waabiny site.

    Investment: $ 20 000
    Delivery organisation: Helena College Junior School
    Project duration: November 2013 - November 2015
    Location: Helena College Junior School in Darlington
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