13046: Construction of a bird hide and interpretive signage for Beckenham Open Space

    Beckenham Open Space is part of the Canning River - Yule Brook catchment in the Perth suburb of Gosnells. The bush and wetland provide habitat for a great variety birds.

    This project aims to protect the wetland and its inhabitants by keeping visitors away from sensitive areas.

    A bird-hide and interpretive signs will be installed to help educate visitors while at the same time directing them to a point that is not threatening to the bird life.

    Plant species endemic to the area will be planted to camouflage the bird-hide.

    Investment: $ 16 570
    Delivery organisation: South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare
    Project duration: February 2014 - December 2015
    Location: Horley Road, Beckenham, under the shire of City of Gosnells
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