13060: Mertondale - Menzies invasive cactus roundup

    Mertondale townsite and Menzies tip in the Goldfields-Esperance region have growing populations of invasive cactus - Coral cactus and Hudson pear.

    The infestations need immediate control to prevent them spreading further and leading to major loss of natural ecosystems and agricultural production.

    Hudson pear will be eradicated at the Menzies tip site by:

    • erecting a fence to quarantine the infested area
    • installing signs to advise visitors of the quarantine area
    • spraying individual cactus plants.

    The Coral cactus infestation at Mertondale town site is too large and dense to eradicate with spraying alone. Biological control is seen as the only viable option. This project will contain (by spraying) and quarantine (with fencing and signage) the infestation until a biological control can be safely released.

    This project is part of an ongoing campaign to rid the region of these two pest plants.

    Investment: $ 40 000
    Delivery organisation: Goldfields Nullarbor Rangelands Biosecurity Association
    Project duration: June 2014 - March 2015
    Location: Menzies Tip (1km north of Menzies town-site); Mertondale town-site (abandoned) 31km north east of Leonora
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