13063: Tackling weeds on the Yannarie River

    The 215 kilometre long Yannarie River forms an integral part of the Ashburton catchment. It provides high to very high pasture potential to the four pastoral stations it traverses, and important habitat for many for birds and freshwater fish.

    Two Weeds of National Significance, Mesquite and Parkinsonia, have been found along the River. Mesquite is localized with single adult plants occurring sparsely. Parkinsonia is more widespread with small dense patches connected by individual trees.

    This project aims to remove adult plants before they spread downstream.

    Local station staff will be supported by experienced contractors to control Parkinsonia and Mesquite throughout 10 000 hectares of the Yannarie River system; equipped with the latest practical skills training and equipment.

    Investment: $ 48 250
    Delivery organisation: Pilbara Mesquite Management Committee Inc
    Project duration: March 2014 - March 2015
    Location: Shires of Ashburton, Carnarvon and Upper Gascoyne. Pastoral station leases of Maroonah, Towera, Emu Creek and Yanrey
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