13065: Improving range condition and reducing rainfall run-off from stations surrounding the Shark Bay World Heritage Area

    This project aims to improve rangeland condition in the Southern Gascoyne to reduce the amount of sediment flowing into the Shark Bay World Heritage Area.

    It focuses on 'rehydrating' the rangelands by helping pastoralists to reduce soil erosion and capture more rainfall in the soil profile.

    Activities include:

    • investigating how pastures regenerate under total grazing management (management of grazing by cattle and goats and kangaroos)
    • monitoring kangaroo and goat behaviour at water points to help improve control methods
    • identifying and prioritising sites that may be causing loss of rainfall from the landscape
    • helping pastoralists identify and prioritise management actions to 'rehydrate' their land
    • building the feed budgeting skills of land managers.
    Investment: $ 45 500
    Delivery organisation: Southern Gascoyne Group
    Project duration: June 2014 - May 2015
    Location: Pastoral leases in the shires of Shark Bay, Carnarvon and Upper Gascoyne
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