13092: Roadside war on Bridal creeper

    In a region that is highly cleared, roadside reserves are often the only source of habitat for local wildlife.

    Invasive weeds diminish the health and biodiversity of these roadside networks. The climbing nature of Bridal creeper makes this weed particularly damaging as it overcomes trees that provide shelter for understory species.

    This project is a continuation of a roadside bridal creeper spray program that started in 2010. It aims to reduce further loss and fragmentation of native vegetation on roadsides in the Shires of Katanning, Wagin, Woodanilling, West Arthur and Dumbleyung.

    Landcare groups, Shires, Government agencies and community members will work together to control the weed throughout 50 hectares of remnant roadside vegetation.

    Spraying slows the spread of Bridal creeper by reducing seed set and slowly destroying the reserves of the plant. Ongoing management is needed to overcome the robust and regenerative abilities of this weed.

    Investment: $ 37 000
    Delivery organisation: Katanning Land Conservation District Committee
    Project duration: January 2014 - December 2014
    Location: Roadsides in the shires of Katanning, Wagin, Woodanilling, West Arthur and Dumbleyung
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