13106: Completing the circle of adaptive management across Gondwana Link

    Gondwana Link stretches across 1000km of southern WA, from the cool, high rainfall forests of Margaret River, to the semi-arid country bordering the Nullarbor Plain.

    Conservation Action Plans developed by local groups are being implemented across the region. They address the complete project cycle - design, implementation and evaluation, and are helping groups to integrate and prioritise their work.

    The plans have had a substantial on-ground impact, directing funds and effort into the most strategic and effective activities.

    To make the best use of Conservation Action Plans and ensure the adaptive management cycle is effective, groups must monitor, learn, share and adapt.

    This project will assist groups to do this by providing training in the use and facilitation of the 'Open Standards' process. The last three steps of the five-step process will be the focus.

    Step 1: Conceptualise

    Step 2:  Plan actions and monitoring

    Step 3:  Implement actions and monitoring

    Step 4:  Analyse, use and adapt

    Step 5:  Capture and share learning

    Investment: $ 30 000
    Delivery organisation: Southern DIRT
    Project duration: January 2014 - March 2015
    Location: from the Margaret River area to in a broad arc through to the Great Western Woodlands. Includes Shires of Augusta-Margaret River, Cranbrook, Plantagenet, Albany, Gnowangerup, Jerramungup, Kondinin and Dundas

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