13110: Watching the uptake of 1080 baits to improve uptake by target species

    The negative impact of feral pests on the viability of the agricultural sector and endangered and vulnerable native species is well documented.

    This project aims to improve the success of feral animal baiting programs and protect non-target native species by covertly monitoring uptake of 1080 baits.

    Free 1080 baits for fox, wild dog and rabbit control will be offered to landholders in the Shires of Koorda, Wyalkatchem and Mukinbudin. Bait stations will be monitored with motion sensing cameras to investigate:

    • bait uptake
    • bait palatability
    • bait presentation methodology
    • effects on non-targeted species.

    This research will help determine the most effective ways to use the baits to minimise uptake by native wildlife and maximise uptake by target feral species.

    Investment: $ 25 000
    Delivery organisation: Shires of Koorda, Wyalkatchem and Mukinbudin
    Project duration: February 2014 - December 2015
    Location: Private properties in the Shires of Koorda, Wyalkatchem and Mukinbudin
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