13114: Fox and rabbit control in Beverley and York

    This project aims to reduce fox and rabbit populations across the western-central wheatbelt Shires of Beverley and York by providing subsidised baits to landholders.

    Up to 30 landholders will be able to apply for up to $300 each towards the purchase of baits.

    Training and accreditation in the use of 1080 baits will be provided by the Department of Agriculture.

    Baiting will be promoted and encouraged through advertising in local newspapers and a direct email to landholders.

    This across-landscape effort will ensure maximum control of foxes and rabbits within these two neighbouring Shires, reducing pressure on local wildlife and remnant vegetation.

    Investment: $ 11 000
    Delivery organisation: Shires of Beverley and York
    Project duration: March 2014 - December 2015
    Location: Shires of Beverley and York
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