14005: Ngurrawaana Rangers controlling parkinsonia on Ieramagadu lease block.

    Further control and eradication of Parkinsonia aculeata along the Fortescue River, primarily in the area identified as the Ieramugadu lease block. Work will be retreatment and treatment of already treated areas and new areas along the Fortescue river.

    The ongoing work is important as Parkinsonia threatens the native vegetation along the Fortescue River. If left untreated it will compete with native flora and also make it difficult for native fauna to access the river as a water source. The Fortescue River is of vital importance to the Pilbara region as the largest river system in the region.

    If the threat of Parkinsonia is left untreated in this area, the infestation will take control as the main type of vegetation along this part of the Fortescue River. There is also the threat of seeds spreading further downstream and infesting neighbouring properties that the Fortescue River traverses.


    Investment: $ 35 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 39 695
    Delivery organisation: Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation
    Project duration: July 2015 - November 2015
    Location: WA Reserve 40617 Ngurawaana Community and Ptn 38991 Area B - known as the Ieramugadu Lease which is leased by the Ngurawaana Group Aboriginal Corporation from the water Corporation which surrounds the Ngurawaana community; Shire of Ashburton.

    Purpose of project

    The project will see the continuation of previous work carried out by Ngurrawaana Ranger Group to control, contain and eradicate Parkinsonia aculeata along the Fortescue River.

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