14008: Upper Gascoyne Mesquite Control Project

    Mesquite. Photo: DAFWA
    Mesquite. Photo: DAFWA

    Mesquite infestation is a serious agricultural problem in river areas in the northern Western Australian pastoral area and needs serious attention before it becomes insurmountable (as is the case at "Mardie Station", south of Karratha).

    In March to May 2013, the first Gascoyne Junction Mesquite Control Project was conducted.  This program achieved an 85% kill on approximately 15,000 Mesquite trees.

    That program was the commencement of combatting the Mesquite infestations that took hold after the December 2010 flood.  The problem is so large that the program needs to be expanded to an annual program to have any chance of controlling Mesquite.

    An air survey will be carried out by a contractor to identify the more severe infestations within the Gascoyne River.  A further on-ground inspection will be conducted utilising quad bikes to confirm the locations that require most urgent attention.  The results of these surveys enabled a decision to be made on a program that will deliver the best on-ground result.

    Mesquite provides refuge for feral pigs.  Pigs will eat Mesquite seed and pass viable seed. This project complements the Upper Gascoyne Feral Pig Eradication Project. 

    Investment: $ 45 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 51 200
    Delivery organisation: Shire of Upper Gascoyne
    Project duration: September 2015 - September 2015
    Location: Gascoyne River; Shire of Upper Gascoyne

    Purpose of project

    The project builds on previous successful eradication of Mesquite in the Gascoyne Junction, using ground and aerial surveys to identify severe infestations.

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