14011: Mt. Henry Peninsular rehabilitation: weed and feral animal control

    Mt Henry Peninsula is located on the northern banks of the Canning River to the east of Kwinana Freeway. It is a Bush Forever site and has high floral diversity. This project aims to protect the conservation values of the bushland and the habitat it provides to resident bandicoots and aquatic birds by controlling and eradicating invasive weeds and feral animals.

    Fox, feral cat and rabbit control will be undertaken at the site in partnership with City of South Perth. Students, teachers and parents at Aquinas College will undertake activities including watering recently planted Jarrah and Banksia seedlings, weeding and spreading mulch. The outcome of the project will be the continuing maintenance of the bushland, the control of feral animals on private land to protect resident and visiting native species.

    Investment: $ 7 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 34 900
    Delivery organisation: Mt. Henry Peninsula Conservation Group
    Project duration: May 2015 - December 2015
    Location: Salter Point; Perth region

    Purpose of project

    This project will include conservation work by students, parent volunteers and friends of Mt Henry Peninsula Conservation Group. The tasks undertaken by students and parents covers a wide spectrum of activities. Each Saturday Bush Care Day and after school service learning session may include: planting Jarrah and Banksia seedlings, watering recently planted Jarrah and Banksia seedlings, weeding, spreading mulch, repair and maintenance of the fire vehicle access track, trimming overhead trees and shrubs around the fire vehicle access track. The activities also include fox, feral cat and rabbit control (in partnership with City of South Perth).

    Project partners

    Aquinas College; Mt Henry Peninsula Conservation Group; City of South Perth

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