14014: Building capacity for Fairy Tern conservation action

    Fairy Tern sits on its nest scrape Image: DPAW
    Fairy Tern sits on its nest scrape Image: DPAW

    The Fairy tern (Sternula nereis) was recently listed as threatened under the EPBC Act. The reproductive performance of migratory populations of the species that reside in the south-west is suffering as a consequence of human disturbance and coastal development.

    This project aims to build community capacity to monitor Fairy Tern behaviour, movements and numbers and where necessary collaborate with land and sea managers in implementing conservation actions.

    The focus of the project will initially be on coastal areas of the northern agricultural region including the Abrolhos Islands, Turquoise Coast Islands and Jurien Bay Marine Park.

    A Fairy Tern conservation guide will be developed as part of the project along with two local action plans, one for the Abrolhos Island and the other for the Turquoise Coast region. These products will be extended to other regions hosting migratory Fairy Tern after this initial project.

    Investment: $ 27 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 21 620
    Delivery organisation: Conservation Council WA
    Project duration: February 2015 - April 2016
    Location: Coastal areas of Northern Agricultural region, including Abrolhos and Turquoise Coast Islands as well as the Jurien Bay Marine Park

    Project partners

    Department of Parks and Wildlife - Jurien; Department of Fisheries; Kwelena Mabakort Wedge Island Aboriginal Association

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