14015: Another Link in the Chain; Restoring Manjimup Brook: Stage 4

    Manjimup Brook is a significant local stream with its headwaters originating in the centre of an urban area. It is important to maintain the Brook in a healthy state as it feeds into the Wilgarrup River, a tributary of the Warren River.

    This project builds on several previous projects which have successfully rehabilitated segments of the Brook above and below the East Manjimup Primary School. It aims to link these previous works by rehabilitating the 330 metres of the Manjimup Brook that passes through the school property.

    Investment: $ 15 320
    In-kind contribution: $ 19 060
    Delivery organisation: East Manjimup Primary School
    Project duration: March 2015 - December 2016
    Location: East Manjimup Primary School block, 1 O’Connor St, Manjimup

    Project partners

    Shire of Manjimup

    Ribbons of Blue


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