14030: Connecting gaps and protecting riparian vegetation in the Stokes Catchment

    A change in ownership of the project area has resulted in a change in attitude to natural resource management activities.  The new owners have approached Esperance Regional Forum for support in achieving their aims of a connected riparian corridor.  This project will fill in the gaps in past investments along a tributary of the Young River. It will establish new corridors of re-vegetation to link up remnant riparian vegetation, previous re-vegetation projects and areas of remnant bush and protect them through fencing. 

    Stokes Inlet is a key recreational and environmental asset on the south coast that provides habitat for a range of native species. A key threat to the inlet is sedimentation resulting from catchment erosion. This project aims to improve water quality in the Stokes Inlet by achieving complete protection of streamside vegetation along a tributary of the Young River, a major tributary of the Stokes Inlet. Activities include installation of 15km of fencing to prevent stock access and revegetating 8ha of degraded creek line with native species.

    Investment: $ 49 600
    In-kind contribution: $ 74 160
    Delivery organisation: Esperance Regional Forum Incorporated
    Project duration: April 2015 - October 2016
    Location: Lot 1101 River Road, Shire of Esperance

    Project partners

    Local Volunteers

    South Coast NRM

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