14037: Mullaloo dunes ecological restoration: year four

    This project will protect and enhance the coastal environment whose conservation values are recognized by its inclusion in Bush Forever Site 325 and proximity to Marmion Marine Park. There is a limited amount of Quindalup Dune vegetation reserved in the Northern Metropolitan Corridor, and this area also contains transitions to limestone flora of the Cottesloe Central and South Vegetation Complex, and areas of limestone pinnacle development, one area close to a heavily used carpark. The close proximity of the Reserve to urban development means it is subject to threats from vandalism, weed invasion and litter pollution.

    Mullaloo Beach Community Group began work towards the chemical free ecological restoration of the project area in 2012. They have observed a significant improvement in vegetation condition and this project will continue this work.

    Activities will involve hand weeding of invasive species from underneath shrubs and removing weeds from open areas, prior to replanting with local indigenous species. School and other groups plus committed regular adult volunteers will be involved in weeding, planting, maintain planting areas established in previous projects and removing litter pollution. Professional weeding will be undertaken in areas of denser vegetation to minimise damage to existing native vegetation and ensure volunteer safety.

    The project will protect biodiversity through improving vegetation condition and directly involve the community in addressing the threats to the long term conservation of the area.

    Investment: $ 11 360
    In-kind contribution: $ 11 930
    Delivery organisation: Mullaloo Beach Community Group
    Project duration: March 2015 - March 2016
    Location: Foreshore Reserve, Oceanside Promenade, Mullaloo WA 6027

    Project partners

    City of Joondalup

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