14041: Cape tulip control and eradication in Bush Forever site 325

    The invasive South African bulb, one-leaf Cape tulip (Moraea flaccida), a Declared Weed in WA, is invading the rich coastal heath vegetation of Bush Forever 325 at Iluka in metropolitan Perth. This area is very florally diverse, containing over 130 coastal floral species including Declared Rare Flora, and native wildlife including quendas, echidnas and White-winged Fairy Wrens.

    Investment: $ 10 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 10 180
    Delivery organisation: Friends of North Ocean Reef - Iluka Foreshore
    Project duration: June 2015 - October 2016
    Location: City of Joondalup; Iluka; Swan Region.

    Purpose of project

    This project will continue to remove, map and photo-monitor one-leaf Cape tulip (Moraea flaccida), hand weeding along the invasion front with specially designed tools, and pushing back the invasion front towards the eastern boundary of the reserve. The project will map and remove Gladiolus caryophyllaceus, using skilled hand-weeding contractor and volunteers whilst continuing to map the distribution and density of the two weeds using GPS.

    Herbicide spraying with Metsulphuron devastates limestone heath, leaving hand weeding as the only viable option. This method has been highly successful where carried out in the same areas for three years. Removal of the weeds will ensure ecological integrity of the area through persistent eradication of the invasive weeds.

    Project partners

    Mullaloo Beach Community Group Inc; City of Joondalup;

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