14045: Wagin Woodanilling Landcare

    Woodanilling is one of the most salt affected areas in Western Australia's south-west. More than 15 per cent of land in the area has been lost to salinity with a further 15 per cent of remnant vegetation and agricultural land at high risk of salinisation in the next 10 years. With changing climatic conditions, there are high risks of biodiversity loss, vegetation and soil health decline as well as loss of land to salinisation. These threats have a significant impact on the declining health of remaining remnant vegetation stands and their ecosystems which provide habitat for many endangered species including the red-tailed phascogale, numbat, chuditch and Carnaby's Black Cockatoo.

    This project aims to protect and enhance the conservation and biodiversity of remnant vegetation and riparian land in the Woodanilling region. It will erect stock proof fencing to protect stands of remnant vegetation and vegetation along waterways and revegetate these areas with locally native species where required. It will also build on landholder and community awareness of improved land management practices for remnant vegetation protection and river restoration.

    Investment: $ 35 020
    In-kind contribution: $ 37 020
    Other contribution: $ 12 840
    Delivery organisation: Wagin Woodanilling Landcare Zone
    Project duration: May 2015 - July 2016
    Location: Local Reserves and community buildings in the town site of Wagin and Woodanilling.

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